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Monday, January 10, 2011

Last Week's Classes

Last week, we were given an iPad and were responsible for finding helpful applications that could benefit students. Playing on the iPads was extremely fun; basically, it was a giant iTouch. Since I'm used to the iTouch, it wasn't that hard to catch on. Not having a mouse or a regular keyboard was difficult though. I like being able to push down on the keys and type. If I'm not looking and just typing on the iPad, it's hard to tell which letters I am typing. In last week's classes, we were given a great amount of freedom. We were handed the iPad, and were just left alone. Truthfully, I don't think this was a great idea. I'm not saying we don't have responsible students, but I know that I went on facebook a couple of times to check my notifications. Imagine giving an iPad to a immature freshman or sophomore; the chances of them actually doing the task at hand is very unlikely. I love the idea that everyone getting to use iPads next year, but in reality, it will be another way for students to go on websites they shouldn't be on. If they get iPads or laptops next year, I think it's really important that teachers monitor what they are doing. I get so distracted in class as is; put a laptop in front of me with access to my email and facebook, and I know my grades will plummet. Yes, it will be easier for students to communicate with their teachers, but is it worth risking our grades to update our status's?

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